Saturday, February 24, 2001

Current Forum: Discussion of Readings
Date: 20-Feb-2001 16:48:00
Author: Dotro, Valeria
Subject: Readings and Project

I was thinking about the relationship between readings and the project. I think that there is a pair of lines from the readings that could help us.

"We must place greater emphasis on the historical and social context in which technologies are introduced (...) The creation of new technologies was, in turn, dependent on the existing stock of knowledge (broadly understood) as well as the available resources. Technologies are always, in this sense, socially constructed" (Deibert: 29)

"Medium Theory holds that communication is a sphere where the technology involved may have an immense significance for the society in which it occurs, and perhaps radically affect the concurrent forms of social and economic organization (...) Medium theory is necessarily historical in its approach, contrasting different media environments across time, and tracing changes in the technology of social and political order"

I think that at first we have to understand how the technologies that we going to use in the project, are changing our environment, and basically, how new medias are changing education. Then, we could think in the Internet project with another points of view.

Current Forum: Discussion of Readings
Date: 24-Feb-2001 16:48:00
Author: Sanchez, Norma
Subject: McLuhan quote

I couldn’t agree with Valerie more. At the core of our project is understanding how the various authors present medium theory in terms of how it changes our environment and socio-cultural spheres, including how we educate and how we learn.

McLuhan writes how, “We are considering the psychic and social consequences of the designs or patters as they amplify or accelerate existing processes” (p24). – introduction of a portal could conceptually affect teaching and learning by:
 Changing the role of students and the teacher – more egalitarian
 Change the curricular material – web based, real-time, most current, authentic sources
 Effect our learning environment – small group vs. whole class instruction, blur “factory model,” etc.

As educators, we need to contemplate on the anticipated and unanticipated outcomes of our design and what implications arise for the way people acculturate an ensemble of technologies.