Friday, March 02, 2001

Current Forum: Discussion of Readings
Date: 01-Mar-2001 19:18:00
Author: Sanchez, Norma
Subject: copresence and meaning

David et al.,

Wouldn’t this be an epistomological construct resulting from the advent of the alphabet and the printing press? From a historical perspective, Greek tragedies represent the way inner thoughts were part and parcel with the self and an embeddedness of the senses, thought and action. Dependence on inner space was not a reality to those antecedent to the 18th century. We should be looking at ourselves as a historical construction.

During the age of Homer knowledge was physical, which is relative to the authors’ stance on copresence and the fusion of the body and mind. But from a hermeneutical stance, hasn’t this changed the way we create meaning?

If the writing process enhances our orality, then we should also be questioning how media convergence affects our meaning construction process. Streaming video through the Internet seems to be quite a different experience rather than viewing it on a tv. We should also increase our awareness about what we’ve become without having chosen it. Too often than not we tend to segregate technologies without studying the holistic effects and how we came to accept them into our repertoire of thinking and doing.